i hung out with paula bomer and her son the other night. i met them at the 'W' hotel downtown by the lake. neither of the bars at the hotel had 'malort.'  the lobby bar had never heard of it and the upstairs bar didn't have it.  if you're a bar in chicago and you dont carry malort, you're bullshit. after the hotel bar, paula and i went looking for a smaller type bar.  we found one called 'second story.' out front of the bar, this guy comes out with a girl and as he passes he looked at me and said, 'oh he's cute.'  it was a gay bar.  paula was the only female there.  the bar was awesome. when the bartender foudn out paula was from new york, he gave us all our drinks for free. actually when he found out paula was from new york, he screamed 'newwwwww yorrrrrrrrk' for almost an entire minute sustaining it. then later on he let paula go behind the bar to pour drinks for people. the bartender hung out with us and asked me if i was straight and if i knew i was hot.  he asked me like he was asking if i knew my clothing was on fire. when paula and i left, we each hugged the bartender and he snuck a kiss on my neck.  then paula and i went back to the hotel and sat out front and her son came back out and these two kids rode up on bikes and asked paula for a cigarette.  they told us about being 'neutrons' which is gang-neutral. i yelled 'everybody killa.'  then one of them laughed and said, "EBK motherfucker."  then i threw up a bunch of gangsigns and we talked about gangs in the neighborhoos we live in.  then when they saw how tall paula's son is (6'4") they wanted to take a picture with him. they were all the same age. they kept saying, 'damn nigga, you a tall-ass nigga.'  then i fake boxed against paula and one of the kids. he had his hat to the left a little and i told him to straighten it. he laughed and said, "this nigga knows whats up." he asked me if paula was my wife and when i said no, he held out his hand and we clapped hands and he pulled me in a little and said, 'hey, keep her gorgeous man, really.'  it was funny. after they left i went home.  i walked five miles out of downtown and the sun started to come out an i could see the skyline when i turned and looked over my shoulder. a guy came up to me and said he was stuck in the city and his mom was waiting for him in rockford. i didn't have money but i gave him a train card and he thanked me.



jereme said...

The gays know how to party.

sam pink said...

highly recommend 'second story bar' on ohio st. highly don't recommend anything else downtown.