these are pictures of one of the Chicago flags I handwrote the poem 'the midwest' on for someone. it's a full-sized flag. 


just another one of those relaxing, carefree sunday afternoons where you spend half your time daydreaming about talking shit to someone who's pointing a gun at your face and the other half daydreaming about being that other person. 


noticed today i'd genuinely thought, "the filth, it's everywhere, surrounding me...." and then laughed when i noticed it. 


if any publications that pay for short stories are reading this, i have a short story that'll knock your fucking socks off buster! so hit me up and give me some fucking money you stupid fucks i fucking hate you!

i've seen a physical copy of 'the collected suicide notes' and it looks really nice.  it even smells good. 
i feel like when my cat gets into a box he finds on the floor and lays in it, he is celebrating life and enjoying himself, but when i  do it, it's because i want someone to throw me off a building. 


a 'c-span'/'political panel' style tv show where a moderator turns to a man in full military uniform and says, "so, sergeant, what is the state of 'Fucking' in general then?" 
"oh, my rotten eyeball!" would be an interesting new way to say, like, "drats/just my luck." 


'performance art' thing where i go downtown everyday for 1-3 hours with an action-figure in a ziplock bag and put the action-figure in the ziplock bag on the sidewalk somewhere where a lot of people arre walking and have an argument with it, pacing around and saying, "it wasn't always this way" and other things, maybe sometimes apologizing to it, you gt the idea
if i remember right, the word 'swagger' was used in the hemingway story, "the killers."

an enjoyable ending to a story/book would be:   "and then s/he rocketed out of the earth's atmosphere in his/her tiny escape pod, seeing the planet in its entirety from outerspace. 'kiss my fucking ass,' s/he thought, staring back." 


the song 'obolus' by 'thrones.' 
do they have a job like 'dogwalker' but you just wrestle/play with peoples' pets? like, you go to their house when they're at work and wrestle with their dog or play with their cat using one of those wand things.
pretty sure i hold the record for 'most failed book sales' at readings, via not having books. 
talking shit to someone before a fight by saying, "haha, yeah, your goodreads friends ain't here to help you now punk." 


i used to fall asleep every night to a dream where i fell down a flight of stairs and felt myself falling and then woke up with a full body spasm before going back to sleep. i miss those days. 
brief vision of my death as me walking around downtown and somebody stops and asks for directions and i say, 'oh  yeah, sure, it's right over....' then WHAM a huge part of a building crumbles off and lands on my head from 50 stories up, and for a second, i stand in front of the person who asked for directions, and it looks like i'm a human body with a stone for a head and then i fall to my knees, then facedown. 
has anyone tried taking '5htp' with fish oil to help with bi-polar shit/mental problems shit?  if so, did it work? 


feeling thankful that summer is almost over.  can almost walk around safely without seeing people outside trying to have fun. walking around late at night in the cold with nobody else out is really good. 
you can preorder scott mcclanahan's first novel 'hill william' through 'ny tyrant press.' 

i tell ya, this kid is someone to look out for. he's got the goods and he's aiming at you. he's standing there firing the goods at you whether you like it or not. if this is god's country, it's surely mcclanahan's state, 5 out of 5, a new voice in american fiction.  simply put, he's got the scooper, he's leaning over the counter, he's waiting for you to select which goods you'd like so he can scoop em on up and put em in a 'to-go' container for you.  you walk up, you order the goods, he says, 'i'll see those goods, and raise you THESE goods.'  simply put, Dub-V's finest.  a real go-gettr with the right amount of 'can do' and just a lil sprinkle of, 'see ya wouldn't wanna be ya.'  i tell ya, this kid's work is scary good. motherfuckers acting like it's halloween when they read his shit because it's so scary good. make'em wanna feed they kids into a woodchipper.  talking bout, west virginia 'all up in ya.' a real go-getter with just the right amount of 'say what!?'  [concluding line about 'you've been warned' or 'nothing will be the same' or 'ups the game for USA fiction']



the phrase on the homeless guy's muscle shark shirt--'rip it'--is translated to 'crujelo' with an accent above the e i think. 

some of that 'every day is one long moment of feeling like i'm tipping over backwards' shit


city-funded graffiti/advertisements that are phrases like 'the pressure is too much for you' or 'it won't be like it used to be ever again' or 'you're not in love' or '3 out of 4 people won't like you' or 'have a nice day, just not too nice' or 'lake michigan: the perfect place to drown'



writing residence where, when you're accepted, you get an email with an address and room number for a hotel just off the highway by wherever you live and you show up and someone locks you into you room and once a day, there is a knock at the door and you have to hide and someone slides in a bowl of lentil soup and a big glass of water and you can't leave for three weeks. 


much love to all my people living as three people-- one riding/surfing/trying to stand on a crashing giant version of him/herself, one inside that giant version controlling it and making it crash facedown, and one as the giant version being crashed. 


i like in the melvins' cover of 'goin blind' where he goes, 'i'm ninety-three-ee, yo sixteeeeeeen.'
feel like i'd laugh so hard if every time i bought a $1 slice of pizza at 7-11, the cashier maintained eye contact with me while putting the slice in the triangle box and laughed insanely as s/he pushed it forward to me. 


much love to all my people living as three people:  one inside your head saying hateful/depressed/hopeless shit, another as the one inside your head trying to deal with the first one, and the third one as visible to the outside world, trying to keep people from noticing any trace of the first two.


feel like it'd be good if a publishing company was going to put out 'the collected works of [somewhat recent famous author]" but used 'da' instead of 'the'

like, 'da collected stories of john cheever.' 


logan square sucks