this is the cover/inside jacket for the 'king cobra ep' cassette.


i can tell when i really feel suicidal because i'm applying my absence everywhere, i view everything as already 'without me' in a way that feels comforting at first but then scary, because the same thing (everything 'without me') makes me not want to kill myself.  but then it's like, that's only a scare someone can have while alive, so if i wasn't alive, i wouldn't even be having it. good shit, man.


sometimes only capable of putting my hands over my face and pushing at my closed-eyes a little while i breathe slowly. 


i want to open a stand at the I90/94 entrance ramp called 'Pizza Skeetza' where i dress in a chef outfit and sell (cooked) slices of frozen pizza.  eventually, i'd merge with the guy who sells gym socks at that ramp, and 'Pizza Skeetza' would be your one-stop 'slice and sock' stop before getting on the highway. 


a short poem called 'when my bush smells like your bush'

when my bush smells like your bush
i own you and you own me
if anyone wants to publish a description of a complete episode of 'family matters' (episode title: 'The Science Project') email me. 



the next YOUNG FAMILY e.p., 'king cobra' will be out a few days after halloween, through SPORK PRESS.  it's six songs.

kelly and i also have like 7-10 new songs we're working on, so if you want to help put them out at some point, hit me up. milk all over. 


increasingly common feeling of itchy teeth around people and animals--like teeth feeling itchy to bite, biting something so hard it itches my teeth for me.



there's this guy who sleeps on a broken down cardboard box on the sidewalk out front of a laundromat by my place.

he wears a suit that looks like something a castaway in a movie would wear.

he has short thick dreadlocks that stick up everywhere on his head so his head looks like a dandelion.

most of the time when i see him, he's sitting up on the cardboard box, a blanket wrapped around the front of his chest just staring straight forward or rocking back and forth a little.

today when i was out front of the laundromat, he was sitting up in bed staring at the parking lot, rocking himself back and forth.

after a minute or two he got up and walked around the parking lot.

an employee came out of the laundromat holding a big blanket/comforter.

he walked up to the guy in the parking lot and held the blanket out at him.

holding the blanket out, he said, 'here, you want this? take it.' 

the homeless guy ignored him, walking back towards his bed. 

'here take it, man', said the laundromat employee, jabbing the blanket out. 

the homeless guy ignored him.

'fine fuck you,' said the guy holding he blanket. 

the homeless guy was almost to his cardboard box bed when the employee tried again. 

'hey,' he said, 'here, don't you want this, it's warm, take it man, come on.'

the homeless guy turned, looked at the blanket, took it and lay back down, wrapping it around his chest and staring straight forward, rocking himself back and forth.


sometimes i feel the urge to just lie down in an alley/between some garages/in a vacant lot/abandoned building/secret spot/whatever and see how long i can lie there until someone finds me and then when they find me get up and say, 'hey, you found me' and walk away. 


the thing i daydream/fantasize about most is sitting shirtless in a chair facing a sunny window while running a knife around on my chest using a motion much like one would use to mix a giant bowl of something. 


the no hellos diet is out in spain now.
thank you to ana pareja, the editor, and the translator, julio fuertes tarĂ­n


you can get 'rontel' on the nook for half off at barnes and noble.  it's a staff pick. one of the reviews is written by a kid who rated the book one star and then wrote for a review: 'is this book for kids? im a kid and want to put it on my wishlist.'

fuck yeah little kid.  i hope you read it. 


that moment when you start to notice every thought you have is begun by one person and then randomly ended by another person and you don't like either of those people
that moment when you put on a piece of clothing and notice it smells like puke/b.o. and feel bad but then ten minutes later put on another piece of clothing and it smells kind of like puke/b.o. too and then everything's ok because that means you 'match' and that's important. 


author photo that is the author kneeling over a pile of dog shit, with a fork and knife in his/her hands, a napkin tucked into his/her collar, and him/her making an insane face/licking his/her lips. 

perceived man with long gray beard blowing in wind riding a motorcycle towards me as a man blowing out an incredible amount of smoke. 

an email i just sent about a dishwashing job

"Hi, I am interested in your dishwashing position.  Simply put: I'm your man.  I've been to [bar] a few times, and surely dirtied some dishes, now is when I switch it up and start making'em clean!  I've washed dishes at a pizza place and a bagel place before, in addition to the many fine years of dishwashing I've done since a young man. Also, I live in the area, so if you want me to come in and test wash a few dishes, no problem!  Also, I've done barbacking before so I'm a valuable asset no?  Thanks for your time!"


a weird thing to say to someone who's at your place is, "have you tried my napkins? i think you'll like them."
as I move from 'somewhat capable adult' to 'staring off braindead in sweatpants and slippers at a caretaker's home' I realize I should've started having a lot of kids when I was young, that way i'd have nice people to take care of me, maybe even some grandkids. like I could live with my son/daughter and have breakfast with my grandkid(s) every morning (in the same cartoon bowl/cup) and then just sit there staring while the grandkid says, 'is grandpa ok?' and then i'll tap the kid on the arm when the parent isn't looking and flick the kid off with a wink.