good interview with scott mcclanahan. a good call for people to 'bet on themselves' and see what happens. he talks about a reading we did together like 4 years ago where--i'm pretty sure--of the couple people there, one was the mother of someone else reading.  after the reading scott and i went next door to a german restaraunt where the doorman was 'Steroid German Larry Bird.'  then inside, this guy offered me a pull off his 'boot' which is a giant glass boot filled with like 10 beers and there was like a third of it left, and to be a dick, i drank the rest of it.  i remember feeling really good when i said bye to scott, like excited to write more.  i pissed on a dumpster underneath the traintracks and felt like there was so much more work to do. it's a good interview.   

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