movie called 'Moon Pimp' where this guy thinks he's a pimp, like he says it a lot about himself until one of his co-workers says, 'Yeah well, you wouldn't be such a pimp if you were on the moon....' and the guy says, 'Maybe I would!' and then the co-worker says, 'Careful what you wish for, Moon Pimp....' and then that night the moon pimp guy travels to the moon through a portal in his sleep and he wakes up on the moon, survives some scares from oxygen deprivation/food/moon monsters, until he learns that no man can be moon pimp and then an intergalactic bus of 'hotties' safely crash lands on the moon and the hotties get out and are like, 'oh no, we're trying to get to the 2014 intergalactic nebulon hottie contest' and the moon pimp guy has to fight back his pimpin urges because he falls in love with one of the hotties and ends up helping them repair their bus and then hitches a ride back to earth where he (Moon Pimp) crash lands the bus surfing on top of it holding two hotties and then his co-worker is taking out some garbage and says, 'fuck, now THAT, friends, is a Moon Pimp.' 

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Jared Funk said...

This is the funny Sam Pink i love. Keep 'em comin'