the way some people confuse 'wanting to make shit to convert self-destructive feelings into something' with 'wanting to be a minor/petty bullshit celebrity/popular figure.'


Shawn Laramie said...

been really having problems with this lately

also i just bought/reread the no hellos diet for the second time. about half a year ago i loaned it out to a girl i met online and a month later she stopped talking to me and answering my texts and such.

either 1)she decided that she hates me to the point that she doesn't care if i'm confused about what happened to her or 2) she killed herself because she talked about that a lot and we have no mutual friends so i would have no way of knowing

i've thought about driving over to her house and knocking at her door but both the idea of her answering it and yelling at me or her parents having to tell me that she is dead make me afraid

really enjoyed no hellos again though

sam pink said...

read this comment at first thinking, 'this is funny/entertaining' but then slowly it turned into you earnestly saying these things to your fish and then i felt bad.

Shawn Laramie said...

especially sad if 'my fish' is a fish i picked out at the seattle aquarium and as i'm talking to it there's a teenage employee begging me to leave because i'm not supposed to be allowed in the aquarium anymore