email me if you would like to review/whatever the 'king cobra ep'     sampinkisalive  at gmail  dot com
the tape and the digital tracks will be available soon.

'soon soon you're a balloon' (if you can name that reference withtout looking it up i'll send you something free)

new YF tracks in the oven, thumbs down for life, burning inside for life, chicagods/Northwest mob, lazy fascist, baby jeezer, hollywood D, no hope all stars, crumbkillers, killer-lovers, suicide fanclub we out here dying, gentleman psycho til the world blow, respect love and hugs for people decorating their graves with ripped up grass etc.


steve anwyll said...

is the reference to stephen kings it?

steve anwyll said...

i couldnt have failed worse

shaun gannon said...

bob says it to david on mr. show, bob is playing an indian guy and david is a southern racist dividing up the country by group on a map

sam pink said...

shaun, you have won. email me.