need to come up with an effective stock phrase to refuse people when they try to show me a video on their phone.


viktor askew said...
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steve anwyll said...

if you find one that works let me know.

thats the worst form of torture.

huddled around a phone. being expected to like whatever the fuck you're looking at.


sam pink said...

i like the look on peoples' faces right before they hand you the phone, like 'just wait til you see what i've found'

think from now on i'll just watch the video then be like, 'oh no, you have to see this one too, hold on' then pull up the worst video i can find of like, someone getting murdered or whatever.

Chris Emerson said...

'im spiritually opposed to watching whatever u want to show me, guey'

steve anwyll said...

i like the look on my face right before they hand me the phone, like 'please fuck off and die.'

the murder video is a good idea. plus it shows you have the location of murder videos memorized.

always a good scare tactic.

jereme said...

after watching the video, say, oh, god, yes, this is so good, look at this video, i mean, you gotta see it!

then reach in your pocket, position your hand into a fist, thumb out, then pull it out slowly, and let it drop in their face.

sam pink said...

silencing a person by saying 'shhhh' while covering his/her lips with your upside down thumb