saw a guy dressed like a futuristic cowboy--half a pretzel rod in his mouth, treating the pretzel rod like a cigarette--and i knew he could kick my ass


steve anwyll said...

silver cowboy hat?

sam pink said...

actually i guess he was dressed like a normal renegade/cowboy except he had like, newer sports-styled sunglasses that made him look a little futuristic, or like, the idea of a futuristic cowboy as conceived 20 years ago. again though, it was the way he tended to his pretzel rod that i noticed most. feel like in a fight he'd pull out nunchuks though, for what it's worth.

steve anwyll said...

sports shades would give any cowboy a futuristic look. especially when weighed against the traditional timelessness of the get up/costume.

now i cant stop thinking about rocket powered cowboy boots though. like future cowboys just say fuck you to the horse. and blast across the plains at a thousand miles an hour.

but that might make it hard to smoke