i've gotten emails about like, writing/promotion advice or whatever, so i'm going to try and write an article on some thoughts and post it here.  ultimately i dont really have any advice and i'll probably never be in a position to give anyone any real insight, but i'll describe things surrounding getting books published and how things happened for me.  if you want me to focus on anything, email me and i'll try to incorporate it.   sampinkisalive  AT  gmail  DOT com.      i'm not trying to like, do one of those 'arrogant/sarcastic/condescending writer giving advice to newer writers' thing, i'm just trying to write about things that've happened.  so like, it won't be 'STOP WRITING ABUOT DREAMS!!!' or 'publish less!!' or 'pain isn't necessary to ART!!!!' or whatever other mean-spirited/jaded/passive shit other 'writing advice' columns are about.

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