the craziest guy is always the guy who only halfway succeeded in wetting his hands and smashing down the tufts of hair sticking up on the back of his head.
new farewell where you shake the person's hand with both hands and say, 'hey but look, i'm sick of your shit, i'll see you later.'


style of writing called 'twenty-something pampered jr. drug addict lazy and proud of it pop culture referencing halfassed ironic attention seeking' chic.


feel like more 'established/successful' artists should antagonize the current/coming generation rather than blindly support it for his/her own continued success, that way s/he helps build a better future.
wanting to ruin something once you build it up to a certain point, jsut because
pushing your face into the blades of a giant fan at the rate of one inch per year
that shit where people act less intelligent to appear more endearing
the more money/luxury people have the less manners they have


sending out a mass email about your new book/project is really fucking annoying. if i dont regularly talk to you and/or express interest in your work then why are you sending me some fake-ass friendly-toned yet totally heartless bullshit email about your shit.


i have an old prepaid phone with some time on it if anyone wants to call and have a conversation and record it and put it online. with any luck it can be as (for whatever reason) troubling/upsetting as that podcast i did.


4th of july is the day you remember there have been wars to allow the current generation to celebrate by dressing like morons and acting like fucking asshole slobs and make you ashamed to be part of the same country.


talking shit to the firing squad