willing to negotiate a small fee to rewrite (not re-publish) 'person' or 'rontel' with a shittalking pile of shit on the main character's shoulder the whole book, but only he can see it/hear it.


jereme said...

willing to pay a small fee for this if you make the small pile of shit look like me in some way.

sam pink said...

damn i guess i already kind of imagined the shittalking pile of shit as having a long beard anyway. fuck yeah. i'll throw a hawaiian shirt on his ass too.

sam pink said...

'and with that, their trial was over, and the pile of shit leaned towards his ear and whispered, "do you like me?" leaving a small fleck of shit on his ear.'

jereme said...

don't forget the dickies, birkenstocks and cigar.

also, only willing to fund this if the pile of shoulder shit also says extremely perverted non-sequiters.

'it feels like practice.'

'i wouldn't mind practicing my tongue on that bus driver's ear. lean over like you're reading something off in the distance so i can get close to her.'