a good way to resolve an issue with an asshole whining about something trivial is to say 'hey' and then when they look at you, pause for a second or two and without changing your face, say 'it's gonna be all right.'
if you ever want to remind yourself that people are lazy self-serving assholes, just watch how they act getting on and off a train/bus when it's cold out
the thing i'm against most is identifying as part of any group
the primary method of self expression now is taking a picture of yourself making the same stupid face you make in every picture.
advanced antisocial martial arts technique where you deftly remove all context from any interaction you have with someone, simply by knowing nothing about whatever tv show/music video/celebrity/rapper/media controversy s/he is trying to talk to you about
i support police brutality in logan square


seems totally reasonable to me to, u[pon first entering somewhere, to slowly and silently walk around the perimeter and inspect everyone.
that slight change in your personality where, instead of detailing why you think someone is an asshole to someone else who has asked, you just say, 'if you ever meet them you will know...' knowing that if they don't know it still means something
have sincerely thought--outright or indirectly--that i 'finally have a garment fine enough to be buried in'...in reference to a hoodless black umbro sweatshirt i recently got
one cool thing about most people in general right now is that they quit at the first sign of opposition so it keeps shit tidy


the way that people in social situations act--with that level of hiding who they are/how they feel in favor of a selfconscious performance--it makes me want to pat their shoulder and say, 'your mom loves you' (and then jetpack upwards through the ceiling)

coming as soon as i'm not depressed
that feeling of immense disgust and hate towards people for all the small-timing bullshit that motivates most action/ideas
interested in, on days off, walking around random areas and going into places to ask the employees if they want me to run out and get lunch/anything for them
interested in starting a reading group in chicago this winter were we just go to the lake and stand around, no reading
that feeling where the insane love/excitement building in you turns to something a little painful and violent
the either/or situation where your lack of feeling like a solid/consistent person with a solid/consisten personality is either the cause of being a heartless asshole who only bites back at the world or a person who gets past not being anyone and uses what s/he has to help out because there's always a lot of time left and if you're not doing something then fuck
illness/condition/thing where you always feel really excited about just going to sleep in places like a bank lobby or fast food restaurant or abandoned building.
that shit where people expect you to have an opinion on popular debates, rather than understanding that considering it either way is already a loss and part of the plan.
promoting your book in any way except making it good is stupid.