free material for the next batman movie:

batman walks up to joker and is like, 'hey joking-guy, quit being a jokester and try this bat, man!' (then decapitates the joker with one swing of the bat and the joker's head lands in a garbage can and a dude walking by holding a boombox up to his ear laughs and says, 'hole in one, my man!' and then pisses into the garbage can and batman comes up and says, to the boombox guy, 'hey, quit joking around, you joke-guy and try this bat, man!' and knocks the boombox off his shoulder and the guy's like 'what the fuck' but doesn't say it because he's just glad he didn't get hit in the head with the bat and then batman tries to kiss him but he runs away and more stuff happens but i don't know what else.)

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