when you look up at the moon and see five or six different-sized, transparent replicas floating around it.


personal pulitzer prize of receiving emails from other target stockroom employees after reading 'no hellos'

wednesday joke day

what did the one Cubs fan say to the other?

'hey we're both pudgy slobs with nothing to add to society except spending money and acting like dipshit college kids our whole lives and we suck because we're so shitty and only say dumb shit.'
making fists by your waist and tensing up on your walk home, to get out whatever needs to get out
readings are as good as the people there, both reading and listening


i got books.  email me if you want to buy books.  sampinkisalive  at g mail dot com. use them to get laid. i have been told by different sources these books help you get laid. at the very least you will feel ok for two hours in your room. which is better than getting laid. i'll rub them in my armpit before mailing them i dont care. get this nectar,youngin.


article on PERSON. 
somebody twitter at this lil junior fry and have her email me so i can send her some  books


just come to me wearing the blood of my enemies/friends' enemies and/or fix the rip on my leather jacket


hollywood hog-slammer jereme dean had this to say about the scorching new short story, THE DISHWASHER:  

This short story by Sam Pink made me feel less alone.  Not just a little, but, like, momentarily completely un-alone.

at turns moving and scorching, a grab you by the seat of your pants thriller. necessary and succulent. are your dishes clean?!


that one really quick one in you girlhood bed when we went back to you hometown for whatever holiday


short story at muumuu house called THE DISHWASHER


like to welcome to the family my new fifteen dollar 'living solutions' fan. i got the model that looked most likely to cut me at some point. truly, a 'cheat to beat the heat', and a very accurate brand name. makes a pleasant 'giant dragonfly' sound also.  hey all right!


this is a picture the homey gena mohwish  took  when her and jereme were in chicago a while ago.



grabbing the handle to a door for someone and saying, 'here, let me get that for you' and then getting in their way and putting your head in the door and slamming it a bunch of times, or maybe only once