hollywood hog-slammer jereme dean had this to say about the scorching new short story, THE DISHWASHER:  

This short story by Sam Pink made me feel less alone.  Not just a little, but, like, momentarily completely un-alone.

at turns moving and scorching, a grab you by the seat of your pants thriller. necessary and succulent. are your dishes clean?!


Rick Claypool said...

hey Sam I was genuinely worried about you when your old website disappeared but now I see that it just moved and this kind of made my day.

jereme said...

(crosses arms and huffs) 'I already have a book on dishwashing.'

sam pink said...

haha, cowlick pops up like 'beermp!'

'it's really obscure and from a press in iceland and if anyone else likes it then i won't! beh!'