wednesday joke day

what did the one Cubs fan say to the other?

'hey we're both pudgy slobs with nothing to add to society except spending money and acting like dipshit college kids our whole lives and we suck because we're so shitty and only say dumb shit.'


jereme said...


steve anwyll said...

hardy har har!

sam pink said...

i got a million of em! check this little number out:

what did the cubs fan say to the other cubs fan?

'man are we a couple of red-faced frumpy loafer wearing khaki cargo short wearing sexist/racist idiots informed mostly by popular movies/tv shows and bud light commercials and we know very little about baseball but act like we do and fuck, we're so fucking pointless!'

jereme said...

Entire book written from the perspective of two cub fans having dinner at a cheesecake factory located in a mall.

sam pink said...

'should i have another bud light?' thought todd, staring down at his 'mango chicken sticks' appetizer, which he ordered like a dick from the server. 'of course i should, woooo,' he thought, looking across the table at his friend dustin, who was dressed identically, but had ordered the 'party mix' wings. todd fought back the urge to do something homoerotic to dustin, even though he knew it'd be so funny and then he could call dustin a fag and then not tip the server and leave, bumping into someone like a slob and loudly mumbling the lyrics to a song by his favorite pseudo-reggae jamband.