the joyful and terrible realization while washing dishes in an empty bar at 4:30 am that you can, at anytime always, stop whatever you are doing and do anything else. and the less of a future you have, the more that is true. and the more that is true the more it feels like choking but also coughing up something terrible, to look at and say, oh that's what it was, as you choose to continue washing dishes.


unmarketable author/drawer

i'm selling these three drawings, a copy of person with my beard glued to the front and back cover, and copies of the 'garbage times and other stories' ms printed out.  sampinkisalive  a g  mail  dot com


have a 9k word poem (~60 pages)

if anyone wants to help print up like 50 of them and that's it, hit me up

sampinkisalive  @  g mail  dot com
when you walk over a highway overpass and hear the traffic below saying, 'join us join us'
when you find yourself staring off, thinking, 'you can have these brownies when you take them out of my cold dead hands motherfucker.'


friends at a restaurant/coffee shop/bar going over petty interpersonal dramas and blindly supporting each other's rendition.  
interested in doing recorded phone call talk show called, 'hey, haya doin?'

if anyone can email me about how to record phone calls i'd appreciate it

sampinkisalive at  g  mail  dot com
'what do you want from me' as the ideal response to almost anything
if anyone wants to read the manuscript of 'the garbage times and other stories' to review,email me

sampinkisalive   at  g mail  dot com

most comfortable completely alone with no unearned allegiance
standing in the middle of the street during busy traffic with no shirt on and howling
introducing yourself to people by making expressionless/blinkless eye contact and saying, 'i am albino. you wish to see me?'
lows so low

head like an aluminum can being crushed in slow motion for years


highly recommend keeping the top of a broken plastic fork stuck in your beard for daily combing purposes


was on the megabus and after a rest-stop the driver got on the intercom and said, 'alright everyone we're getting ready to get moving again.  so take a look around and if you don't see someone who should be on the bus, or if you see someone you didn't see before, let me know.'  and this dude in the back yelled, 'you know we'on't snitch!'
raising money for moving expenses.  have drawings to sell.  also going to shave my beard and glue it to the front and back covers of a copy of 'person' for the highest bidder (beard is really big right now and will cover entire front and back cover. it'll keep you warm at night/be endless potential for cloning/voodoo/confusing buddy for your pet/whatever!). will also handwrite an entire book.... (in ted dibiase voice) for the right price, hehe. if you live in chicago, i can do things like paint your apartment, read at your bar mitzvah, murder you in your sleep, etc. get at me,motherfuckers.  sampinkisalive at g  mail dot com


THE GARBAGE TIMES (AND OTHER STORIES) this fall from lazy fascist press.


these two drawings are for sale

sampinkisalive  at  g mail dot com

the bad thing about mistaking a tarp blowing out under a fence as a monster's hand coming after you is that you look weird jumping back on the sidewalk.  the good thing is nothing will scare you the rest of the night.