i have a very nice and good publicist lady helping me.  she set up the following things. 



publicist sarah penney

for other inquiries, contact my talent manager

talent manager jereme dean


elizabeth ellen said...


sam pink said...

my publicist works at an olive oil store and my talent manager is half charles manson and half ALF

jereme said...

As your talent manager, I strongly encourage you to sell out and start reaping all the young/horny/idealistically naive pussy. You deserve it, kid!

sam pink said...

i'm going to sell-out and use the money to buy you a pair of diamond studded booty shorts with a minihoop on the back of them and a size extra small white tshirt that i glue my beard hair to to read 'do you like me.'

jereme said...

In that case, your talent manager will be making a trip to Brooklyn and 'serving' it up to anyone dumb enough to get close to his bouncing ass.